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Latino Power Art - Men In Pain

08:52, 2012-Dec-2 .. 0 comments .. Link

Latino Power Art

Gain instant access to a world where a woman can treat a man like a dog and he loves it! Humanity is overrated in the BDSM world! A male slave realizes he is NOTHING in the presence of his mistress. He bows and scrapes at her feet and gratefully thanks her for punishing him for every minor infraction! Male slaves live their lives more for their mistresses than themselves and would gladly endure the pain of a thousand floggings than to cause the women who own them a moment of displeasure! She strapped on a fake cock and fucked him up the ass until he was howling like a dying dog! Then she took her cay o nine tails lash and whipped him until blood was drawn and his head swam with dizziness. By the end of their time together her poor slave lay unconscious at her feet! These male slaves don t even own their own bodies! Their sexual organs are nothing but toys to be used and abused at the discretion of their mistresses! Sex is a pleasure reserved for their female rulers and their female rulers alone! The feel of a paddle on his ass was like a kiss from an angel to a man in love with the pain inflicted upon him by his mistress! He d do anything for her, despite the fact that she did nothing for him except put him down, call him names, beat him and generally make his life a living hell! She whips him until he faints, waits for him to regain consciousness, then whips him unconscious again! It was a vicious circle that the slave just loved. He loved losing consciousness if it was the pain inflicted by his mistress that was sending him tumbling into dreamland! Nothing she did to him could ever be brutal enough for him to change his mind! Her wish is his command! But even when he obeys he ll inevitably feel the paddle! She beat his ass as if he were a child, and he cried like a child! Then she strapped on a phony phallus and fucked him as if he were a woman. Still he took it all like a man until the pain became so intense that he began to beg, whimper and cry like a frightened little girl! Instant access allows you into this world domineering damsel debauchery! Cum inside! She s going to torture his cock and balls till he howls! This site is like no other! She despised him He was less than a dog in her eyes a worm! She humiliated him spanked him whipped him. He took it all like a man and then begged for more and more! He loved his mistress and nothing she could do short of killing him was going to stop him from loving her! He kissed her feet and licked her boot hungrily. He wanted to lick more of his mean mistress but this was as far she would allow him to go. She then ordered him to bend over while she paddled first the buns of his ass, then his low-hanging balls. She did this till he actually fainted! Why had he given up his life for this woman? The slave asked himself this many times, but it wasn t until the pain she inflicted made his dick hard that he truly realized the answer! He was addicted to all the humiliation and agony she bestows on him. He can t get enough of it, nor does he wish to! High quality images highlight this sexual romp in the world of whips and chains! He begs for the pain she gives him! A mistress doesn t need to take a bath when she has a male slave to cleanse her. And he won t be allowed to do it with bathwater. No, this lowly piece of servile scum will be forced to use his tongue to bathe and cleanse every orifice, crevice and cranny on the body of his mistress! She makes him come by first making him cry! Join and view all the fun. Every minute when he isn t performing a task for his mistress, a male slave waits patiently at her feet. Often he ll even have to spend this little bit of free time kissing and licking her feet and constantly demonstrating to her that he is fully aware of one thing: That he is less than a dog in her site! She didn t need to tell him what to do, for it seemed he knew what command to follow before she spoke. Still she told him anyway, knowing that the sound of her voice barking orders turned him on! She didn t let on to her slave that she was pleasing him as much as he pleased her and if she ever thought he suspected she d take her whip and flog him till he s bloody from feet to face!

Men In Pain

Men In Pain

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latino power art

latino power art

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latino power art


latino power art

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